Tattoo Journey Update

Today I just wanted to share a quick update on my current status in my tattoo journey. I am nearing in on my two-month mark at Ragtime Tattoo and have already learned so much.

I can see that it takes more than just being a good artist to become a great tattoo artist. Aside from learning about a tattoo machine and practicing flash, you need to develop an eye for design and how it would work as tattoos.

Although my background is in fine art, transitioning into tattoo artistry is not exactly the easiest thing, to say the least. But, I can definitely say that I am gradually improving thanks to the very fine artists (no pun intended) at the shop. This whole journey is such a humbling experience and I am filled with gratitude. I know that I am starting off on the right foot in my learning
experience which in itself is huge as I am aware that this opportunity is rare.

I love learning and I love recognizing improvement within myself. As things naturally become easier, I hope to trust in my ability as I forge ahead. You can’t take a shortcut when hoping to evolve; all good things come with time.

In my upcoming assignment, I will be interviewing few tattoo enthusiasts to understand the psychology behind the act of getting tattooed and I will post updates on that in the near future. 

Thank you for being part of this beginning stage of my journey. Wish me luck!

Haram Ahn is an artist living in St. Louis, MO. Haram is currently preparing for her tattoo apprenticeship at Ragtime Tattoo.  Read more

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