Story to be Told

I returned the favor with a story to be told down the road.

My First Big Tattoo

Matt gave me my very first big chrysanthemum tattoo on Feb 23rd. I can’t wait to see it transition into something even more beautiful. Tattoo virgin (almost) no more! 

Fake It Till You Make It

Image by Austin Kleon  I remember my first day as a caricature artist at St. Louis Zoo. I’ve been studying about caricatures in the back corner for couple weeks and one day with no warning, my first day as a professional caricature artist began by destroying a small kid’s self-esteem and emotionally scarring her for the rest of her life.…

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Checking In With My Deathbed

I started tattooing, little by little, slowly but surely. My very first time, I was an emotional wreck. I felt so unprepared, and, for a moment, everything that I’ve worked for felt irrelevant and worthless. I don’t mean to be grim here but creating time to read, and reflecting over, obituaries helped me to get over that slump. Thinking about death, and checking in…

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The 30 Day Challenge Reflection

The 30-day challenge has come to an end and if you haven’t checked out my paintings yet, you can see them on my Instagram page. Although I will, of course, still continue painting, this challenge has been a great way to begin my own chain, add links, and track my progress. What did I learn? The growth that can happen…

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30 Day Challenge

I started reading Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media and I came across this Balinese saying: “We have no art. We do everything as well as we can.” This completely takes away the romance of the popular phrase, “do what you love” and converts it into “love what you do.” You don’t have art off in some mythical, happy, faraway land. There is…

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Are you a sad, lonely d-bag?

I was part of an art show called Poptropolis II over the weekend. I had a chance to finally show some of my wood paintings/sculptures; a huge transition from my usual work. I made this transition because I felt really blocked and stuck as an artist. Although my dark and gloomy-themed work did make me feel liberated from the usual…

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Tattoo Journey Update

Today I just wanted to share a quick update on my current status in my tattoo journey. I am nearing in on my two-month mark at Ragtime Tattoo and have already learned so much. I can see that it takes more than just being a good artist to become a great tattoo artist. Aside from learning about a tattoo machine…

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Inside the Mind of an Apprentice

So, I got a new sketchbook. To start off, I like the idea of stationing a guardian spirit on the front cover, to watch over things. I went with Fudo Myoo done by Horiyoshi III, one of the five “wisdom kings” in Japanese Buddhism. It will probably become a tradition of sorts as I foresee a collection of sketchbooks in…

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